Summer Camp Registration


Mondays are Craft Days –

Tuesdays are Creative Days –

Wednesdays are Horticulture Days –

Thursdays are Culinary Days-

Monday June 5th: Such great fun designing your own apron. We will creating and personalizing your apron. Let your imagination go crazy!

Tuesday June 6th: Your creative juices will flow designing your own Garden containers. Use your imagination; maybe with butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, or geometric designs; the sky’s the limit!

Wed. June 7th: It’s time to plant something with your own uniquely designed container! You can plant seedlings or Chia Pets.

Thurs. June 8th: Modeling your new aprons, we’ll create some cake pops and pizza dough with all your favorite toppings that you’ll have for your snack.

Monday June 12th: Who doesn’t need your very own designed T-shirt? We’ll be creative for this, and it will be ready to wear.

Tuesday June 13th: We’ll get out the brushes and paint some abstracts! Bring your creative side for this day!

Wed. June 14th: Create your own Fairy Garden! Bring a special item to place in your Fairy Garden. Be ready to get your hands dirty!

Thurs. June 15th: It’s pretzel making day! You will make your very own perfect pretzel and make a delicious dip!

Monday June 19th: Let’s decorate a canvas bag. Make it a fashion statement! Designed by me, for me.

Tuesday June 20th: You can become a famous artist with oil painting on canvass, wood, etc. You get to choose what you would love to paint!

Wed. June 21st: Herb Garden Day! You will learn about herbs and their wonderful aromas and uses, and get your hands nice and dirty all at the same time!

Thurs. June 22nd: Decorating a cake is wonderful and creative fun. You’ll learn how to trim, and then decorate your cake!