Summer Camp Registration


Mondays are Craft Days –

Tuesdays are Creative Days –

Wednesdays are Horticulture Days –

Thursdays are Culinary Days-

Monday June 5th: Such great fun designing your own apron. We will creating and personalizing your apron. Let your imagination go crazy!

Tuesday June 6th: Your creative juices will flow designing your own Garden containers. Use your imagination; maybe with butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, or geometric designs; the sky’s the limit!

Wed. June 7th: It’s time to plant something with your own uniquely designed container! You can plant seedlings or Chia Pets.

Thurs. June 8th: Modeling your new aprons, we’ll create some cake pops and pizza dough with all your favorite toppings that you’ll have for your snack.

Monday June 12th: Who doesn’t need your very own designed T-shirt? We’ll be creative for this, and it will be ready to wear.

Tuesday June 13th: We’ll get out the brushes and paint some abstracts! Bring your creative side for this day!

Wed. June 14th: Create your own Fairy Garden! Bring a special item to place in your Fairy Garden. Be ready to get your hands dirty!

Thurs. June 15th: It’s pretzel making day! You will make your very own perfect pretzel and make a delicious dip!

Monday June 19th: Let’s decorate a canvas bag. Make it a fashion statement! Designed by me, for me.

Tuesday June 20th: You can become a famous artist with oil painting on canvass, wood, etc. You get to choose what you would love to paint!

Wed. June 21st: Herb Garden Day! You will learn about herbs and their wonderful aromas and uses, and get your hands nice and dirty all at the same time!

Thurs. June 22nd: Decorating a cake is wonderful and creative fun. You’ll learn how to trim, and then decorate your cake!

If you would like to tell us more about your child, please write it in the comments area at the bottom of this registration form. All of our Instructors are Teachers, Teacher Assistants, and Professionals. Class is $275 per week – Monday thru Thursday from 9 – 12 for Grades 1st thru 7th. A morning snack will be provided. Address: 116 East Main St. Belleville, IL